About Us

The Journal of Educational Foundations seeks to enhance scholarship in and among the educational foundations disciplines by providing a vehicle for the publication of articles and essays that feature analysis of the foundations of education, as well as methodologies used in foundations and the applications of such methodology to key issues of the day.  Additionally the journal welcomes significant research which evolves from and unifies the foundations disciplines, all focusing on the interdisciplinary nature of the educational foundations fields.  Publication will be determined by juried review.  For more information please contact the editor:  Dr. Michael E. Jennings at editor@journalofedfoundations.com.

The Journal of Educational Foundations seeks articles and essays in four primary areas:

  1. Exposition on the nature of the educational foundations—essays exploring the foundations, highlighting definition, interrelationships, strengths, difficulties, and other aspects of the combined fields;
  2. Application of the foundations disciplines to an issue of significance—collections of articles around a specified theme, bringing to bear the nature of the various foundations disciplines on such themes. Information concerning themes for future issues of the journal may be obtained from the editor;
  3. Methodology—articles exploring methodological issues of the foundations fields, stressing similarities and differences among the disciplines;
  4. Research—articles describing or reporting on new research in the foundations fields, with emphasis on interdisciplinary aspects of such research.

Indexed in The Education Index

Beginning with the Summer 2001 issue (Volume 15, Number 3), Educational Foundations has been selected for inclusion in The Education Index, the primary international index of educational periodicals. This selection confirms that Educational Foundations is now recognized as the key journal in the foundations field.